Are you dog friendly?

Very! Dogs are more than welcome inside the restaurant.

Can I book a table?

Sorry no. We have lots of seats so if there is ever a queue its usually very short.

Do you take cash?

No we don't. There are no banks in Tetbury (there is a cash point in Co-op) so we can't bank cash or more importantly - we can't access coins to make change. We accept Visa, Mastercard and all payment devices.

Are you open in the evenings?

Sadly, no. We are a husband and wife team and we are very hands on - we can't manage the evenings as well, and Tetbury is very sleepy after 5:00pm.

Do you rent out the Blue Zucchini for functions?
We get asked this a lot but we do not. Tetbury has a lot of wedding venues and we get asked a lot about post-wedding breakfasts etc - we can take walk in groups up to around 8/10 but we don't hold tables/close off areas etc. There are places in town much better at this than us.

Do you have Wifi?

NO! Several reasons, we are (in part) a restaurant and we don't feel its appropriate for people to be using us as a 'WFH/office' . We also believe passionately in restaurants as public places - we provide a place for people to meet, chat, interact and make friends. Lets keep public places sociable. Thank you.

Are you child friendly?

We welcome everyone and anyone. On any day there will be prams, bicyclists, walkers, people on first dates, everyone is equally welcome.

Do you have a vegan/gluten free/dairy free menu?

There are so many combinations of particular food requirements its impossible to create specific menus for everyone. We are VERY careful about allergies and intolerances etc - we ask you to declare any particular needs when you order. We have a spreadsheet that lists 14 key allergens in all of our dishes, but this doesn't allow for cross contamination etc. Ultimately, none of our suppliers will guarantee any product to be free from anything. Nor can we. If you have severe allergies it might be best to bring something from home for the person involved - just have a quiet word with one of the lovely waiters/waitresses first.

Do you have vegetarian options?

We have lots! We aren't huge fans of traditional red meat dishes and it just happens that we have a great variety of vegetarian dishes. We have a few vegan options too.

Do you have a kids menu?

Yes we do. Ask your server for the kids menu. A main course and two plates often works too.

Are you licensed?

Yes. We have beer, wine, cocktails. We are particularly proud of our wine list, we have some lovely wines from Vinotopia Wines, and we make a point of a modest mark-up so people can actually enjoy them.

Can I apply for a job?

Apply in person with a CV. Even for a dishwashing job. We want to see ink on paper in an organised and professional way. Don't contact us via social media. We pay very well, pension, tips, meals etc. We are always interested to meet someone with something to offer.

Do you do take-away?

Not so much.

Do you have parking?
No, but we are right in the middle of town and Tetbury has lots of car parking.